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(BR) com U assim como muitos lá no nordeste falam.

(EN) with a U just like many in northeast Brazil speak.

original word: Folia

The Maracatu is an expression of the Brazilian folklore. Present in the carnivals of Pernambuco, it mixes up music, dance and religious syncretism ritual. Although it is quite complex to actually define what the Maracatu is, the feeling of the ones who experience it is that of being inspired somehow. Whether through the extravagant clothing adorned with colorful strips and shiny beads or through the festivities, the inspiration anchors.

By taking over many of the sensations caused by the Maracatu, the brands DREW and CUSCUZ developed a collaboration to create the FULIA collection, which presents two models of handmade bags inspired by the party, the colorful streets, and the optimism characteristic of this specific time. Besides that, the Maracatu has an essence which englobes elements from Portuguese, African and Indigenous cultures. This creates an even bigger bond between the creators in their collaboration: Savio Drew is from Piauí, a state of Brazil, and Ana Mendes is Portuguese by birth and Brazilian by heart.

FULIA resulted in two models of bags made of 100% artisanal crochet, reaffirming the enthusiasm of both brands for this type of work. CUSCUZ’s collaboration can be seen in the delicate, handmade woodwork, and in the practical design solutions. As for DREW, it brings the style already known of Bolsa Maria: light, fresh, crochet-made and with strong northeastern references.